Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Outlook (and a challenge)

For those of you who still read my blog, you may have noticed it's been kind of quiet lately. Other than reading my fave blogs, I just haven't had much interest in blogging in the last little while. I've been reassessing my priorities, and blogging is at the bottom of that list. This year, I purpose to challenge myself to reach for higher things, to tighten the belt so to speak, and strengthen my self-discipline. Computer time has been one of the first challenges I've tackled. First and foremost, I've renewed my morning prayer/Bible reading sessions. It's been hit and miss for a while, but I am determined to make this a habit, no matter how long it takes. I've also determined to take better care of myself. This includes eating healthier, spending more time being active outdoors, and also taking care of physical needs by going to the dentist and keeping my contacts fresh (I tend to wear them for months at time). I have not been to the dentist in 7 1/2 years! Shame!

We have also really started cracking down on preschool activities this year. We spend about 2 hours a day working on the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and pre-writing skills. The kids are advancing so quickly I am ashamed that I waited so long to spend this amount of time doing school with them. I really do have some sharp kids!

This week, I decided to challenge myself and see how much I could cook from what I have on hand already. We don't usually have a big stock of stuff in the pantry, because I make a menu plan and shop for the specifics on that menu. But, my husband likes to shop the sales and has got us a really good stock of stuff here lately. It was actually fun to look around and be creative with what I had! It's really surprising how far you can make it if you really want to. So, here's my menu for the week:

Breakfast: We usually have grits, eggs, toast, (or a combo of all three) with the occasional pancake or biscuit addition. I do not give my kids cold cereal for breakfast because it never sticks with them. Plus, I want them to have something warm to eat on these cold mornings.

Lunch--Me--Lean Pocket
Kids--Chicken nuggets & sweet potatoes
Supper--Crock pot deer steak with potatoes and onions, steamed veggies on the side

Lunch--Me--chicken strip/salad wrap
Kids--Turkey hot dog, baked french fries, fresh fruit

Lunch--Me--Boca Burger
Kids--Grilled cheese, fruit
Supper--Baked chicken strips, potato salad and baked beans

Kids--PB & J, fruit and yogurt

Lunch: Me--Soup & Sandwich
Kids--homemade pizzas (sliced french bread with pizza sauce, cheese, & pepperonis)

Lunch: Potato Soup (we have late lunch on Sunday, so we'll eat rest of soup after church Sunday night).

The few things I needed for this menu cost me $42.08. I'd say that's pretty good compared to the $75-$100 I usually spend on groceries each week. As hard as I've tried, I just can't seem to get it less than that. Another challenge for the year!

Looking back on 2009, I am proud of the goals that I reached. I really turned over some new leaves, so to speak, things that will stick with me for the rest of my life, hopefully. I'm so thankful for the Lord's mercy, that it's new every day, and when we fail we can start over again.

I would like to create a reading list for 2010. Please, share any books you can recommend on homemaking, mothering, wifeing {new word :)}, etc. I love historical, Christian fiction but I want to expand my horizons beyond this. Any suggestions?


Natural Mama said...

Amy, I just finished "Homeschooling with a Meek & Quiet Spirit" by Teri Maxwell and it was good. If you wish to borrow it, I can send it by your mom.

Anonymous said...

Our Pastor always prays for a THEME so to speak for the New Year. His focus and desire for our church was "Aiming For Excellence" I love it and felt it was so appropriate for me and our church. But I am taking it beyond the spiritual. I want all my life (which is all soul amyway) to strive for this.

Good for you. Like your goals.

Claudia J said...

I love our blog. BUT the black back ground is very hard to read. I feel like I have stepped into your cave not your home. FYI. Please change the back ground to a lighter color and the font to a darker one. Like I said, "I LOVE Your Blog. And would like to read it."