Monday, January 25, 2010

My Weekend Revealed

Does it seem to you that our grown-up weekends are somewhat less glamorous than our childhood ones? Oh, the excitement that Friday brings to the youth! My weekends do not hold the same carefree attraction as they once did, for motherhood and maturity have revealed responsibilities that must be fulfilled. But every now and then, I shake off the burden of all that must be done and let my hair down! So this Saturday, my MIL, the girls and I packed up and went to GOODWILL!! For two blessed, wondrous hours I scouredtshe shelves and racks, delighted when my hunt was rewarded with some awesome finds!! Here's what I got for $20.00:

Three adorable, fancy dresses for Peanut--.99 each!
A pair of like-new, Children's Place jeans for the Elijahnator--$1.99
A baby doll for Tator Tot (which she will pay for out of her piggy bank)--.99
A big, deep, sturdy basket (to use for our hospital waiting room snack ministry)--$3.99
A pair of NICE sheets--unbelievably soft and CUTELY printed--$3.99
A pair of footed jammies for Tator Tot (not pictured)--$1.99
Six bibs--.99

And that does not add up to $20 but I can't remember what else I got.

Peanut modeling the 3rd dress (not pictured above). Cute, cute!

Whilst we were blissfully stealing steals from the GW, Dh and Elijahnator were on a little fishing excursion--Elijah caught his first fish! We also discovered a really nice park that we didn't know about! We'll be visiting there frequently, I imagine.

Yes, he is waaaaay past due a haircut. But still the cutest thing around!

Having my MIL staying with us has given DH and I a lot more opportunity for Mommy/Daddy time. After our fishing and shopping, the kids and Beamie napped while John and I visited our bus route kids and did some grocery shopping. Childless. It felt really strange, and I sorta missed them. Saturday evening, DH cleaned the fish and then grilled chicken quarters! My fave!

Time spent with family, some good bargains, and good food! All in all, it was a great weekend! As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much better than that! How was yours?


Natural Mama said...

Sounds like a goodurn to me! :) We just hung around..being together!

momto9 said...

Looks like my kinda weekend....except my weekend was spent holding a screaming, sick baby!:)

Anonymous said...

I actually just let go of most home responsiblities and spent soem time reading, visiting with a wonderful single girl in our church. I felt led to just be with her. So, I did. It was fun. It was weird though to not be kid geared, house geared. I am glad you had a good weekend.

Jenilee said...

I love goodwill shopping! I loved seeing your finds... it makes me want to go there today! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Goodwill! That's fantastic! I have missed my Goodwill trip due to weather, but soon ~ soon.