Monday, December 14, 2009

When Understanding Sneaks In

Christmas! I love everything about it! Oh, the memories! The happy, the bittersweet! The sights--the lights, decorations, fake snow :). The smells--cookies baking, fresh cedar boughs (even if it's from a candle, instead of a real, live tree), smoke from a fireplace, crisp, cold air. And the sounds--paper ripping from gifts, the laughter of family and children, and the music of it all (not to mention the Christmas songs). It truly is a wonderful season!!

The thing that "makes" the season for me, is the presence, tucked deep in my heart, of that Christ-child, walking with me each moment of each day. I think I may have a little idea of how Mary felt when she held her babe close to her heart--her Savior--because He lives in mine. He came to that dirty, smelly stable, for me! Just a little nobody housewife! As I was dwelt on this today, it struck me! Who did the angels visit, and invite to come worship the baby? The shepherds! Poor, lowly, common laborers...nobodies.
Well, to the world at least. But the angels told them, "Unto YOU is born this day, a Savior..."
The Christ-child desired them to be in His presence, and a band of angels came to issue the invitation. What an event to attend!

Then, you have the three wise men. Yes, I know they weren't present in the stable that night, they came two years later. But what a contrast they are to the shepherds! These were educated, wealthy men, with good social standing. Astronomers! Important men, most assuredly recognized by society. Yet, they, too, were invited to meet this special child. He was their Savior too. See? God is no respecter of persons! He's mine, He's yours!

And He is still extending the invitation to "come". Come, bow. Come, wonder. Come, sit in His presence. See what He wants to speak to your heart.

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