Monday, December 7, 2009


Don't know if that's was a word before, but it is now :).

Have you been Christmas-ing? I've been doing a little here and there. I now have all of my gifts bought! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Now, to wrap it all...not so hip. No, really, I love to wrap gifts. Especially after seeing the Nester's post about it. She's too cool!

Last week, we made gingerbread men out of sugar cookie dough, but I cheated and didn't decorate them. The kids were still tickled pink about it, but I didn't think it quite picture-taking worthy. I would love to make these cinnamon rolls before the holidays end. Just not quite sure how much more my skin can stretch. 'Cause sure it'll be stretching after eating those babies!

Today, we made some homemade Christmas cards for two of our dear lady neighbors.
Mrs. Patsy, across the street, loves to dote on the kids. She's forever bringing them candy and toys and loving on them. Mrs. Janice, across the street and one house over, is a special lady who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her 40s. She is in her 50s now and is an advanced stage. She is like a sweet, innocent, child and loves to watch the kids play. So we made her one too.

We cut some Christmasy clippings from some magazines and had a good time with Elmer's glue sticks and constructions paper:

Grace's expression and posture in this picture cracks me up!

I am pleased to report that my baby girl is feeling much better. She is not completely over her bout with bronchialitis, but is much improved. She went from this:

To this: (I attempted to upload a video of her dancing to Mariah Carey's "Jesus, O What A Wonderful Child", but it would not work. Maybe I'll try again later on a separate post.)

We also bought a new deep freeze this weekend, you know, to hold all the meat my deer-slaying husband is bringing home. The kids were thrilled! They got a new gigantic cardboard box to play with! Who needs presents now?? They had a ball making a "playhouse" with it on the back porch.

By the way, it's just killing me that I don't have any Christmas pics of my kids to show off. I think everything has to be perfect before I can do them. You know, coordinating Christmas outfits and the tree perfect, etc. And our budget has not allowed for the outfits, thus no pics. Total bummer.

Hope your Christmas holidays are Christmasy as can be!

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Mama said...

I have been Christmas-ing. But I started to become alittle more frazzled so I going to chill a tad. :) Thanks for always be inspiring to me.