Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unwrapping Awareness

Today I spent 3 hours in the Pediatrician's office. My 15 month old has been sick for a week, showing no sign of improvement, so I thought it time to get her checked out. Good thing I did. Her diagnosis: bronchialitis, which is one stage away from pneumonia. Who knows how bad it would have been if I would've waited another day or two.

It is so amazing to me the instincts our God programmed into us Mothers. The instinct that woke me up, suddenly, out of a deep sleep in the middle of the night, and told me something was wrong with my baby. Leaning over the crib, I heard the pop/crackle in her chest and felt the heat of her fever. I knew this was something more than a bad cold. When my husband said, "Ah, she'll be all right", I didn't agree.

Then there are the times when my eldest two are playing outside, and I just know, all at once, that it's time to check on them. Oh the injuries that have been spared because of I caught them just in time!

I like to think that this internal radar was placed in us as an inheritance from our Heavenly Father, and a reminder that He watches over us, His children, with the same caution and care. He hears the faintest cry, sees the wrinkled worry in our brow, feels the irregular heartbeat of our panic. And He is always there, holding, calming, and healing.

I pray that He will give me the gift of discernment, to be aware of the things going on around me, and the judgment to react wisely. Not just with my children, but with a dear sister in the Lord who is fighting discouragement, or a neighbor across the street who is hungry for salvation but doesn't know how to get there. Or a husband who is burdened with the responsibilities of life and needs some extra love and attention to wipe away the cares of the day.

And to be aware of the goodness of our Savior through each moment of the day.

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A Little Of This And That said...

Beautiful post.

Natural Mama said...

I totally agree, Amy! There has been times that I have, at the spur of the moment, kept my kiddos from going in the road, etc. I'm thankful you caught Emma just in time...
Got your kids presents today! :)

dawn said...

that internal radar God gives moms...what an awesome thing to unwrap today.

Hope your little on is on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

Very true. What a special thing God has gifted us with.

imoomie said...

How thankful I am for Him who is our radar! Our Daddy's watching out for us just like we watch out for our babies!
Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!