Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ode to My Precious

Camera, that is.

Our time together has been blissfully sweet,
And now that that time has come to an end,
Oh how I hate to see you go!

You brought us such excitement
So many special moments you captured
For us to tuck away in a book
To pull out and ponder when time has rolled on
Or enlarge and display on the wall, the coffee table

We fell in love with your bright colors
Your focus ever so sharp
Your features were ever so many to be praised
We uploaded, we stored, and we developed
All because of you..

It is such a bittersweet occasion that we send you off
To be repaired by another's hand
We trust you will come back, good as new
And we will make sweet memories together, once again

Our dear camera ceased to function last week. It appears there is a "Focus Error" and we will have to send it off to San Antonio, TX to be fixed. We will miss our dear friend while it is gone.


true blessings said...

I know what you're going through sister!LOL

Anonymous said...

I understand. I finally bought me a new one Monday and then forgot the memory card. Needless to say I haven't went to get that yet.