Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gotta Give Him Praise!

This evening, Grace and her best friend from church had been playing in the backyard and had gotten pretty dirt/muddy, mostly from Elijah being a boy and throwing mud and water on them ;) . So I put the girls in the bathtub before getting them dressed for church. I was in Grace's room getting Emma dressed when I heard a CRASH and a big splash! My heart leaped in my throat because I knew instantly what it was--one of the glass doors in our bathtub/shower had fallen in the bathtub. I flew in the bathroom, not sure what kind of sight I would find when I opened the door. The girls sat there, looking a little sheepish, fearing they were in big trouble. They were surrounded by and sitting in a million shards of glass!! The glass door had completely shattered!

John rushed in and helped me to get the girls out. Miraculously, both girls had only a few minor nicks/scratches on their legs and feet. Grace had about 4 band-aids on her foot, but besides that she is fine. TexAnna had maybe one or two scratches on her legs. Grace seemed to have gotten the most glass on her. While I got TexAnna dried and dressed, John picked glass out of Grace's ears, nose, and hair. He got more cuts on his hands from picking out glass than Grace had on her entire body!

As I was scooping broken glass out of the tub, I realized more and more how serious this could have been. One shard of piece in an eye or throat or wrist could have been fatal for either of these sweet little girls! I give God all the glory and praise and ALL the credit!! It's such a wonderful thing to be in the hands of The Almighty!

He's got the whole world in His hands...even two little mischievous little girls. I believe I'll keep serving Him and praising Him!


Tereza said...

That's so scary! How did it happen?

REAL ME said...

Praise God. I am so glad that they were safe. What a miracle.

Amy said...

I think they were trying to get some toys out of a toy holder thing that was hooked on the door.

true blessings said...

Thank you Jesus! He is our protector!

ChanCoody said...

It is amazing how God watches over out Little Ones like He does!!! He is so Good!!!