Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's finally here....

My new camera! It finally got here yesterday. After a long week, well, half a week of waiting and wondering. My DH told me on Monday he had a surprise for me this week. Well, I was hoping it was a new camera, but with John, you just never know. So yesterday, he sent me an IM and asked me had I "found" my surprise yet? You can imagine, I went to tearing up the house trying to find it. So then we played a game of "hot and cold". I'd say, "I'm looking in the pantry, am I hot or cold?" I finally got frustrated and was like, just tell me where it is!

When I did find it, it was a bag with a memory card and a pack of rechargeable batteries in it. I was so excited! But then the delivery man didn't show up until 6:30!! I've been snapping and there are some settings that are not just right, as the picture blurs if the object is moving even the slightest bit.

So, as I am seriously behind on some brag blogging, here is a picture Elijah drew on his Magna Doodle last night. He is becoming quite the little artist. I was very impressed. It's a cow and a boy holding a stick.

And here we have Grace, playing with Snowbell in a hut she built this morning:

Can you believe Emma? She's crawling, clapping, saying "Mama", "Da-da", and "No-no". Not bad for an 8 month old!

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Natural Mama said...

I can't believe Emma!! Wow! Elijah did great on his picture! He and cousin Em share the love and talent of drawing!
Glad I got to see some pics!