Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Gift

Elijah comes bursting through the back door today. "Mama! Mama! I got you something!" He's grinning from ear to ear. But that excited smile disappears when he hears Mama shriek, "Get it OUT! Take it out NOW!" I hold my hand to my chest and sink back onto the recliner. Elijah comes back in, whimpering--a little shocked and confused, and I think, a little hurt that I didn't like his present. Bless him. How was he to know Mama doesn't like.....

Dead, wet, flesh-exposed mice???





Natural Mama said...

LOL...they have been awful around here this year and I've heard others say the same. We have had several dead ones the cats have brought up (or dog) and I've had to set out traps in the house. Yuck

true blessings said...

ok that is so gross!!!!!!!!so so so gross!!!!!LOL LOL!!!!
ok , I wanted to thank you for commenting, made my day!!!someone actually reads!!!!

Tereza said...

eeeeeeeeeeeew I don't blame you for shrieking!

Amy said...

Did anyone notice its eyeball is missing?

true blessings said...

ooh! Thanks a lot AMy! LOL