Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm a Spring-Cleaning MACHINE!!

Chrissy, over at Meaningful Days, is hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge. Now, I've only lived in my house for a year, but apparently, the previous residents didn't do much spring cleaning. Or summer cleaning. Or winter cleaning. Or ANYTIME cleaning. Yes, we "cleaned" the house when we first moved in (the best we could while hanging sheetrock and bringing forth a child into the world), but nothing has been really good and deep-cleaned since then.

So, I am thankful for the motivation and inspiration provided by this blog (thank you, Chrissy!). Therefore, it is with much pomp and circumstance that I give you this MENTAL picture (because I don't any visual pictures, being that my camera is dead) of my week of cleaning:

*Cleaned off front porch
*Cleaned out van
*Mowed portion of back yard that hubby didn't get to finish on Saturday
Now, this may not seem like much, but oh if you coulda seen the sad state of our front porch. My, my, my......

*Cleaned out utility room
*Cleaned out shelves
*Soaked garbage can in bleach
*Scrubbed baseboards and walls
*Mopped floor

*Cleaned oven (inside and out) and stove
*Bleached bars
*Threw away old, decrepit, yard-sale toaster oven
*Wiped down cabinets
*Cleaned and put fresh lining in cabinet drawers
*Cleaned fridge
*Cleaned off bar (3 Wal-Mart bags of trash came off of ONE bar!!)
*Took everything out of pantry, wiped down shelves and reorganized contents thereof.
*Mopped floor

*Straightened den shelves
*wiped down/organized computer area

*We're having friends over tonight, including our pastor and his family, so I've been baking today--a Cherry Stack Cake and whole wheat, flax & oatmeal cookies (with raisins and pecans).

I am very, very pleased with my accomplishments of this week. I wish I could say that I am done, but I'm not. Next week I will tackle the closets and bedrooms. YAAEEH! I love clean!

Have you started spring cleaning yet?


Sondra! said...

You make me feel nasty! lol.
The bug hasn't bitten here yet, but only because I have had TONS of kids lately. Next week- I'm feelin' it. I am SO ready for a clean utility room. Thanks for the motivation.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, mama! I mean like I am really smiling and beaming for ya. Thanks for your faithfulleness this week.

Natural Mama said...

In a word...NO. :o)
WTG!! You can come back home from AL to a clean house!
Your daily list is a good one. My front porch is a good place to start--it's not junky, but it's YELLOW from pollen..yuck!!
Wish I could see pics!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

And I thought I had been busy. You have me beat. You should be pleased with your accomplishments. Thanks for sharing.