Thursday, March 12, 2009

This and That

Oh, how I would love to be able to show you some visuals of my little (getting bigger) darlings! For you would not believe, how BIG Elijah is now! Gone is the chubby-cheeked toddler, replaced by a tall, slender 4 year old. He is out of his carseat now, having moved on to a big-boy booster. I just cannot believe the "big boy" things he says and does. My baby is gone!! But I am ever-so proud of the little man he is becoming. He has started to take initiative and pray for his sisters when they are sick or hurt--without being asked. Talking about making a Mama's heart swell. That'll do it. Grace often runs to him when she wants sympathy (she'll take it from anyone who will give it). Just the other day she ran to him crying, "Mama said NO, Wijah!" He put his little arm around her and patted her back, saying, "Just don't worry about it, OK?" lol! And Emma just lights up when she sees him come into the room.

That Gracie, she's our little drama queen. Always finding some bo-bo for someone to kiss and pet. What am I going to do with her? Last weekend, we went to a fellowship meeting at one of our "home" churches. Gracie would ask anyone who spoke to her, "Do you like my hair? It's gettin' wong!" And then she would compliment them--"I like your hair! I like your shoes!" She's just SO cute!! While cleaning our church last week, I could hear her in the sanctuary, tickling the piano keys and singing to the top of her lungs. Could this be a glimpse of how God will use her in His kingdom?

And Emma!! Would you believe she is sitting up all by herself? And on the verge of crawling? It won't be long, maybe a week or so and she will be mobile. And I'm in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!! For she is the busiest baby I've had yet. Always reaching, moving, twisting, jumping. Doing everything as fast as she can--including growing.

Today, I had an appointment with the dermatologist. I left very frustrated. The prognosis is a lifetime of medication. He said that he "rarely sees a case as severe as mine." Rosacea. Funny I didn't even know what that was 3 years ago. And now I dread looking in the mirror because of it. BUT God still heals. He can give me skin as fresh and smooth as Emma's. Do you believe it?

Well, my husband took Elijah to the Home Depot, Grace is asleep (with a fever, unfortunately), and Emma just gave it up, as well. So all is quiet and I am left alone. Rarely do I get this kind of quiet time to blog. Blogging has been such a blessing to me. I've seen how other women struggle with the same challenges as I, and learned from how they overcame. I've been educated and inspired. I've been given a window into the days of family and friends whom the miles have separated by great distances.

I've kind of stepped back from it a little lately, and that has shown me that maybe I was putting too much time into it in the first place. Everything is good in moderation. There are so many areas in our lives where we could apply this principle and see good results arise.

I've enjoyed my time at the keyboard tonight. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy
Have you tried ProActiv? My young sis in law has been using it and it seems to work pretty good for her. I'm going to try it b/c its supposed to help your skin in general .... I don't know much at all about rosceasa (sp) so proactiv may not help.... Have a good weekend!

Natural Mama said...

I enjoyed hearing the updates on the kiddos! Can't wait to see them. Sorry about the dr appt!! The Lord does know and he does care! I will be praying that you can have peace about what to do. I know it is most frustrating. Well, I just remembered that you wanted the pics of Erin so I'll try to Email them to you today.

Love ya