Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elijah is "All Boy"!

Elijah and I went on a little shopping trip together today. A friend from church sat with the girls, and although I had intended to leave Elijah, too, he coaxed me into taking him with me. OK, I gave in to the crocodile tears and the arms he fixed tight around my neck ;) .
We went to Burlington Coat Factory, and my intention was to find him a suit, shirt, and tie to match the girls' Easter outfits that are navy blue and pink (yes, I'm starting early). I found a really cute navy vest & pants outfit with a pink shirt and a pink/navy tie. Perfect! I pulled it out and asked him, "Do you like this?" He didn't even blink, and replied, "No! I don't like that!" I said, "Why not?" He said, "That's pink! That's a girl's shirt! I'm not wearing that!" lol.....
Well, I tried to not let him see me holding back the giggles, put the outfit up and moved on to something else. A few minutes later I pulled out the same outfit and said, "How about this one?" He said, "OK." So I bought it. But I am keeping the receipt...just in case he changes his mind again!

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