Wednesday, February 25, 2009


God has been good to the Acklen family. His blessings are just overwhelming at times! He answers so many prayers, and sometimes it seems that even before I have a chance to voice a prayer, it's already answered. And then there are times when the wait is longer, and our faith is tried. But no matter which way He chooses to work for us, He is still God and He is still good. He will always be God and He will always be good.

First, our rent house sold!! We didn't even have to put a sign in the yard or contact a Realtor. Someone just called us up out of the blue and wanted to buy it. They gave us the price we asked for, without even blinking. We didn't make a huge profit off of it, but we got rid of that 2nd house note and the burden of worrying if the renters were going to come through every month. God is good!

We've needed a new van for a while now. Our '99 Pontiac Montana was getting mighty close to 200,000 miles, and she was showing it. She was missing (transmission, I guess), the windows would roll down, but not up, the CD player, clock, and heater had all gave up the ghost. It was TIME, people. So we took the little profit we made from our house (combined with some savings) and bought us a new van. Well, new to us. It's a 2004 Chrysler Town & Country, with all its parts working, and in great condition. Another big relief! God is good.

I firmly believe that these things do not happen by chance, but we receive these benefits because we are children of God, and He delights in giving His children the desires of their hearts. John and I are seeking God for His perfect will in our lives, that He would use us in any way He desires. We are ready, if it means packing up and moving to another country, or just knocking on our neighbor's door with a basket of cookies and a message of love. Almost two months of this year have passed us by, and already He has done great and marvelous things. I am anticipating a year of great revival in His church and among his people. If you're not a part of it, step in. Jump in! The table is spread for all who are hungry. Come and dine on his blessings.


Sis Marlene said...

I love to hear the stories of how God provides for us - they're such an encouragement.

Isn't it great to serve the Lord!?!

REAL ME said...

What big blessings in deed. I have a Town and Country too. :)