Monday, February 6, 2012

About Little Things, Again

So much to say about little things.

  They spoil vines, after all. They get between your toes when you're walking on the beach.

 They scatter over your floor and hurt really. bad. when your foot finds one in the dark {or the light for that matter}.

They stimulate imagination and awe.

Invoke creativity.

Strengthen the motor skills of little fingers in play.

You can't ignore such things. They demand attention and a response.

So...why do we think the little things we do don't matter? That unless we accomplish some great feat, we'll never make a difference in this world?

Don't fall into the trap of believing the lie that what you do doesn't matter. Because it DOES. God sees.

He sees every dish you wash, every towel you fold, every little tooth you brush.

Every bo-bo you kiss (we call them bo-bos around here, not boo-boos).

Every test you grade, every bedtime story you read.

Every. single. prayer you pray.

Every door you knock on, searching for a child in need of Sunday School, and every one that slams in your face.

The phone call you made to say, we missed you at church.
It's important. More than you know.

The text you sent that said, You're awesome. Glad you're my friend.
It lightened a load.

There's a bigger picture here--each little thing you do to the best of your ability is a stroke of paint on the canvas of your life.  Sometimes the colors are bright and vibrant, sometimes they are muted and gray, and everything in between. But He sees the melding of it all, that completes the portait that He is painting of you. He sits back, tilts His head, and smiles in satisifaction with what He has made.

So the next time you get frustrated with sweeping the floor (again), know that He is still holding the paintbrush and just because your task is little, doesn't mean it's doesn't matter.

*All photos were borrowed from Google images*


Sondra! said...

I love you and I'm thankful you posted this. I needed to be reminded of this. I know it, but I need to remember. <3

Tanya said...

Beautiful! This has been one of the those long, monotonous days, so I needed to read this!

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful. What truth this is. Thanks.