Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A 7 Year old In The House!

Yesterday, my little man turned seven! We celebrated with a day off from school, a trip to Party City to ride bumper cars and....angry bird cupcakes! He had a great day! He is the goofiest, quirkiest, craziest little kid and I'm so proud he is mine!

 I stole an idea off Pinterest--to interview him every year on his birthday, and then look back on the answers the following year to see how his opinions and interests have evolved. So here is his 7 year-old interview:

My favorite food: pizza

My favorite sport to play is: basketball and football

The best show: Adventures in Odyssey

The coolest person on earth is: Emory

My favorite thing to learn about in school is: Phonics

The thing that I do most awesomely: Drawing

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to: The zoo

My favorite color is: black

When I grow up, I’m going to be a: window washer

My current favorite song is: Father Abraham

The book I am loving right now: Huckleberry Finn

Three words that describe me are: crazy, jumpy, grumpy

When I was little, I used to: sneak and steal Mama’s glasses off the nightstand in the
Morning [he did]

My favorite season of the year is: Christmas because I get a lot of presents but sometimes I just want to act like the Grinch

The absolute best thing about camping is: fishing

The snack that I like best is: popcorn

One food that I really dislike is: broccoli and cheese

My best friend is: Micah

If I had one wish it would be: to have a thousand elephants I could sit on

My best memory is: when I spilled crackers on the floor and ate them, when I lived in Farmerville [he was about 1 1/2 and I have a picture of it...somewhere.]

How fun is that?? 


Ashlee said...

How neat!! I'll try to remember that for Kari's birthday in July!

Love his answers!

Ivy said...

Happy birthday Elijah! I loved the interview you done with him. I'll have to do that with Trinity on her next birthday! I also love the Angry Birds cupcakes you made. I see Angry Bird stuff in the stores all the time but still really don't know what it is. Lol. I guess I'll figure all that stuff out when I have a boy! By the way, I stole my mom's twitter account and made me a pinterest account! I haven't figured out how to find people yet but if you can look me up by my email address, its Ivis_Jones@hotmail.com