Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Preserving Children's Art

My little boy Elijah has a fervent passion for drawing. The first thing he does in the morning is grab a notebook and a pen, and at bedtime, we have to double-check in on him to make sure he has put it away. He draws for literal hours during the day, and we go through notebooks and packs of markers like toilet paper (if you have kids, you understand this analogy). I want to save his best drawings, but it gets overwhelming.

I started a binder for this purpose, but he wants to add/remove drawings as he thinks appropriate. It kinda defeats the purpose. An aunt of mine suggested I take pictures of them and keep them on a disc, and my husband recently suggested I scan them (which makes great sense).

Has anyone else had this challenge? Do you have any better ideas than the ones I've mentioned?


Anonymous said...

I have the same issues. All of my children are art fanatics. ALL OF THEM! So you can only imagine how much trees we use. :)

I am not fore sure. I like the binder idea that you originally had.

Natural Mama said...

These are wonderful, Amy! Really good. I love the detail he puts into them! For now I just stick my kids' drawings into a folder and write the date & age on the back.