Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salsa And Relish And Jam, Oh My!

No, my computer is not broken, nor did I cut off a finger, rendering my hand unable to type. The only valid excuse I have for not blogging lately is that I have been BUSY. We did not STOP 4th of July weekend, coming home just in time to fall utterly exhausted into bed. I think the kids even went to bed without baths one night (ick). I figured the chlorine from their pool time killed any lingering filth. This is not something we do regularly, but it was a holiday after all.

Remember the little to-d-list I posted a couple weeks ago? One of those items on the list was "Keeping up with garden output". Yeah. We do not have a huge garden, but God has blessed us and given us quite a bounty this year. Mostly in tomatoes and squash. The watermelons have done nothing (pooh). My husband planted spaghetti squash, and it has been a fruitful endeavor. It grows to about the size and shape of a pineapple and is filled with noodle-like meat. Thus the name. I am at a loss with what to do with it all. One spaghetti squash goes a loong way and we have a LOT of it!

As for canning, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my husband has done most of it. He jumps in and starts on it before I have a chance. He and I are different because I want to wait until a convenient time (kids in bed, kitchen clean, chores done), whereas he just jumps in whenever the mood strikes him. He has canned strawberry jelly and salsa. What a man!! ;)

My neighbor brought me two bags of cukes, so I am going to try my hand at some cucumber relish. We also have discovered a mulberry tree down the road from our house, so some mulberry jam will be forthcoming as well.

Sadly, the pictures we took of all these gloriously canned goodies are lost because the memory card was left in the computer and it has been snitched by some mysterious culprit. I'm guessing she is almost two years old and has blonde hair and green eyes. Here's hoping it turns up soon.

Any suggestions for storing spaghetti squash?


Ashlee said...

OMW!!! I thought we were canning a lot. You all are totally on top of things!! I'll have to pay you a visit this winter! :)

T. Holt said...

I didn't know people actually ate spaghetti squash! Teeheehee! I've done strawberry jam, but my major canning is yet to come. Tomatoes here are still a couple weeks from their prime and the evil rabbits got my first planting of green beans, so we're waiting on the fruits of the second. I see tiny little inch-long beans a'growin'! Can't wait to get the pressure cooker going full-steam!

Anonymous said...

No suggestions on the squash here. I have always wanted to try it but I am scared. :) I love squash on the most part.

Glad you are having a busy and filling summer.