Thursday, July 15, 2010

All In A Day's Play

We've been having some internet issues around here (thus the lack of activity). My husband, ever frugal-minded, discovered we could save a few bucks a month if we switched from DSL to cable. I'm really hoping the kinks work out of the system soon because it is driving me crazy!!

It's did us some good to have some computer-down time, as my kids' imaginations have really been working overtime. Not that they spend a lot of time in front of the screen (30 mins a day each, max). But they will sit in the den and listen to Adventures in Odyssey or while they draw, color, or read. Without this option, they've found other ways to amuse themselves.

Wednesday morning, we had a tea party in their newly-completed playhouse (very early, before the heat smothered us). Tea parties are a great way to teach table manners and etiquette. Such as keeping your hand in your lap, elbows off the table, and asking (and waiting) to be served.

The same day, we kicked up the volume on some Bluegrass music and had a good time of silliness and exercise. Of course, they had to deck out in their "dance" costumes! My kids are a hoot! (video of bluegrass jig to come later).

Today, I sent them to their rooms for an hour or so of quiet time. I sat down at the couch to read the Bible and...ahem...fell asleep (don't tell anyone). I awoke 45 minutes later and rushed to check on my innocent, angelic, darlings. These are the beautiful faces I saw when I opened the bedroom door:

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry!! Thankfully, it washed off with a little soap and water.

With the unbearable heating being what it is, my normally out-doors playing children are being forced to find ways to have fun INdoors. How are you and your family "beating the heat" and passing the time inside? Are you having as much fun as we are?

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Ashlee said...

OHMYWORD! That's hilarious. I fear finding my kids like that soon....but it's too cute!! I love it.

We're going to the local lake where they opened a beach section. Me, the kids and indoors all summer don't mix well. But if we are indoors we sit in the floor and play with whatever toys they decide to bring in the living room. :)