Monday, April 12, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

And right now seems to be the rainy season for the Acklen home. We've had a series of unfortunate events in the last week. One being this:

(courtesy of moi)

Which led to the cancellation of a long-anticipated, long-planned, much fund-raiser[ed] weekend trip. Bummer. In an attempt to salvage my weekend, I loaded up the kids in my hubby's car (two-door Chevy Cavalier)--talk about a tight squeeze--and we went to Alabama to spend the weekend with my family.

Guess what? We took a virus with us! Yep. Lots of nastiness filled the weekend. But now we're back home and Mom is ex.haust.ed. Let's hope this coming week is better than the last one (no lost children in public places, snakes in the backyard, or double ear infections). And that we find the right replacement vehicle at the right price. Without going into debt.

As a dear old-timer sister in the Lord used to say during prayer request time at church, "We covet cher prers." :) {translation--"we covet your prayers"}.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your hardships. No Fun. Hugs and Prayers for your way. I am excited to hear of the great blessing God is gonna pour out on you on the vehicle situation.

avonrepdeb said...

I just wanted to say hello.
God bless you!

Tammy said...

How's the search for a replacement vehicle going?