Friday, April 16, 2010

Feminine Friday

Today I am participating in Feminine Friday, hosted by my Sis-In-Law, at her blog NaturalMamax4.

This is a light, airy dress I found at Wal-Mart. I love dresses! The sleeves are a little shorter than what I would like, so if I am going out in public I cover them with my jean jacket (with corresponding flower, of course). Flowers are a cute way to accessorize your outfits and give them that extra punch!

Note: This pic was taken by my short 5 yo and is a most unflattering angle :(.

I am a girly-girl and have always enjoyed dressing up. Dresses and skirts make me feel feminine and lady-like. I was raised in a home and church that taught dresses-only. It's just second nature to me. I do realize that not everyone holds these convictions, so please do not take this post as judgmental. I also know you can wear a dress/skirt and still be indecent and immodest. For me, it is not about following a "do or don't" rule, but about reflecting holiness in every aspect of my life--especially my dress :).

My SIL made a great point on her FF blog last week: If you don't usually wear dresses, try one and see if you notice how men and people in general treat you differently. Have fun and celebrate your feminine side! :)

p.s. My blog friend Chrissy has dedicated her entire week of blogging to celebrating modesty. Check it out:


Natural Mama said...

I know all about the unflattering angles...7 year olds do it too. lol I love the favorite color. I love the outfit!

You can link up to me now...I'm up and running, er, crawling...:)

Love ya

Tammy said...

yep been there with the young ones taking pictures. Love the purple

Anonymous said...


You look so pretty. You are so radiant in Jesus sister. Not because of your dress(which is a a bonus) but your kind sweet spirit.

avonrepdeb said...

Hello Sister!
So nice to see all these bloggings on modesty.Sadly you see modesty/standards falling at many church's so this is so nice to see.
God bless you!