Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Part 2

Are you as happy as I that spring is finally here? We've had that "Easter snap" that reminded us that winter has not quite loosened its tight-fisted hold on the weather just yet. Groan. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for old Mr. Frosty to melt completely away. At least until July and then I'll be wishing for some cooler days. The warmer weather has given me an energy boost, despite the time change (another groan). Who ever came up with that idea and why??

Pretty soon I'll be making my weekly spring cleaning list. Believe me, it's going to be slow. Probably a room a week. I'm striving for balance here. Keep priorities in line, Amy (read Titus 2 for priority list). I'm hoping that my spiritual house spring cleaning will continue at a better rate than the one in my physical house.

So, last week we talked about some cobwebby corners that I've been dusting out. I'd like to elaborate on those a little bit.

1. Too much computer time. How much computer time is too much? Here's a good judge. You sit down to read your favorite blog and just when you get settled, you're interrupted by "Mo-om! I need you!" With a frustrated huff and puff, you trudge off to grudgingly take care of that little one's need. You rush through it, disgruntled and ready to get back to your blog reading. The poor little tike is wondering what he/she did to make Mommy so short and snappy. Or (try this one on for size) you reward yourself with little "computer breaks" when you cross a task off of your to-do list. Just to check your e-mail. But then you have ten Facebook comments from friends saying how cute your kids are (thankyouverymuch) and you have to open Facebook so you and see which pics were commented on and give a reply comment. Then you see that Aunt Suzie in Idaho posted pics of the new baby and you have to look at those too (and comment accordingly). Before you know it, you've been on for an hour, and that time is...wasted. An entire hour that you can never get back. Yikes. And how much time did you spend in Bible reading this morning? OUCH. Yes, my friends, this sad and shameful story is not unlike those on the Friday night Lifetime Movie Network lineup. It's true. Ahem.
A second point about computer time--you can read all the blogs there are (and there are some fantastic ones out there) on the subject of being a virtuous woman and a good wife and a great homeschooler, but if all you do is read about it, what good does it do? Get up and apply that great information to your home and family! Don't just read about how others are living a full life--live your own!

The remedy: Turn. The. Computer. Off. Talk about feeling freed. Just turn it off and set aside a set time each day that will be your computer time. Maybe in the early morning or late evening, or whenever it will not take away from your time with spouse and children (er...that's a tough one). If there are things that you must do online, like pay bills or order something,or email someone, make a list of those things and do them all at once. You'll spend less time doing it all at one time than if you hop on and off when the idea pops into your head.

Ephesians 5:16 tells us about "redeeming the time because the days are evil." Maybe your time-snatcher is not the computer. Maybe it's talking on the phone, or texting, or exercising, or watching T.V. Whatever it is, if it distracts us from our home and children and time with God and His Word, it's not worth it. Once you realize that, you'll feel so free and realize that when God asks you to give Him something, He will not leave you empty-handed. He will replace that cumbersome weight with a delightful reward!

I did not plan on writing so much about the first point on my Spiritual Spring Cleaning List, so it looks like I will have to continue to point 2 in Spiritual Spring Cleaning, Part 3. Remember, cobwebs of carnality create a home for the spider of sin.

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Anonymous said...

Love your thoughts on this. I can get sucked on the computer often. So, I take a fast from it for a week or two. As you have seen. I notice that it can be freeing to say the least. I really don't spend a whole lot on the computer. I take like shifts I guess. For instance, I try to not get on the computer at all until I have prayed or read the bible. But that on occasion has messed up.

I also try to not get on it until the afternoon or until I have really met the kids needs and am accessible to them when needed. I also try to watch the clock.

It can be hard. Exercising can take a lot of time for me. Since, I have been working at losing weight. I was getting up and going straight to the gym, then come home for prayer and reading. I started to feel convicted because he is my NUMBER 1. So, I get up earlier and do prayers and reading, exercise and then if time allows have more quiet time.

Love the post.