Monday, March 29, 2010

Kids & Scripture Memorization

Would you wise Moms care to share with me how you approach Scripture memorization? Do you learn a verse a week? Or a day? How do you reward your children for learning their verses? How do you keep old memorized verses fresh on their minds?

My kids get excited about it around here! I try to make it fun with corresponding hand motions to match the words of the verses. It's fun to watch their personalities come out as they express themselves through verse.

Here's a clip of Tator Tot while learning a verse this morning. She's a pretty sharp cookie!


No Ordinary Me said...

Very cute. Honestly, with the when they are little (beginning with Ethan) I used ABC scriptures and we did a ART Page to hang on their doors on Monday. We went over them daily all day. Sometimes I do a chant, sometimes a song, and sometimes just a craft and we say it over and over.

I also play memory scriptures songs through out the night. I know it doesn't help them really memorize it but it does saturate them with more word even when they are sleeping.

As Ethan(10) has gotten older we do flash cards and a art page. I make him draw out what he think the scripture means and be artistic with it. And he uses it as a visual reminder. He has a sharp memory. He recognized the Psalm 16 and 23 in a day or two. But my little girl has a difficult time with memory work. So, I have to do a lot of chants with movement and songs.

Your girly is adorable.

Wendi and Benjamin Wood said...

video is so cute! love how you describe her as "tater tot" and a "sharp cookie!" lol; i guess when im on a diet those words/phrases stuck out to me! love it! way to go gracie-girl! keep it up! and way to go mama, too!

momto9 said...