Monday, August 3, 2009

Multitude Monday

Humans. To be the most intelligent beings on earth, we can be really stupid. No wonder God compares us so much to sheep in His Word, over and over. We're really stubborn, falling into the same traps time after time. Wandering away in the same direction over and over. Returning, weary and brow-beaten, determined not to repeat our mistakes. And yet. Here we are again, in this uncomfortable position, wedged between a rock and a hard place.

Listen. Hear the footsteps, those familiar, patient, searching footsteps. Before long, you'll see the crook of his staff as it swoops down, as he scoops you up and carries you back home again.

My place, the uncomfortable position I repeatedly find myself in, is the pit of discontented, negative thoughts. It spills over onto my children and my husband, and makes everyone around me miserable, but most of all it makes me miserable.

I'm so tired of doing the same thing over and over again. I'm so tired of my kitchen being torn out. I'm tired of not having running water. I'm tired of this, tired of that. Nasty, nasty, ugly, ugly.

So, I really, really needed this today. Love this quote she included in her post:
"In other words, you choose your life, that is to say, you choose all the conditions of your life, when you choose the thoughts upon which you allow your mind to dwell."
~Anthony Bloom

Right now, right here, I redirect my attitude and my thought life. Through Him that strengthens me.

#1. Today, I see the beauty in the imagination of the little girl, playing so intently with her Barbies that she forgot to stop and go potty.

#2. I see Jesus in two brothers in the Lord who came over to fix our pipes.

#3. I see strong, simple faith in the innocent eyes of a 45-year-old mind that never developed past 4 years, and count it a privilege to converse with such a mind.

#4. I look at an unfinished kitchen, and I feel the pride and accomplishment of a DIY job well done.

#5. I see that gleam in my husbands eye, and find joy in the arms of a man who gives his all for his family every day.

Can't wait to report back next week for another Multitude Monday. Care to join me?

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