Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gracie!!

My Baby Girl turned 3 last Sunday, the 14th.

Monday, we had her a little party with her cousins and friends in Alabama. I hope to have her another one here in Louisiana when my kitchen is finished.

I can't believe she is 3! Three!!

Sometimes I wonder if she & Elijah really got to be babies. They were so close together, only 17 months, and I did a lot of things for my convenience. For one, Grace wasn't rocked; I trained her to lay down and go to sleep on her own. So now, if she asks to be held or rocked, I stop and do that for a few minutes, because she is not a baby anymore!

She makes me smile every day with her expressions, her hand gestures, and her love of singing. Just this morning, she was singing, "Hide it under a push-up, no!" (the correct lyrics are "hide it under a bushel, no!").

I think it's OK to celebrate her birthday twice, since she is extra-special!

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sis Beverly said...

Happy Birthday little Grace, my you are growing up just to fast. Heeres a special hug for you. Love you Sis Beverly Jones