Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today a year ago we sat in shock, trying to comprehend that Shanda was gone. To those of you who didn't know her, this won't mean anything, but I just wanted to take the time to remember my sister-in-law, my friend, Shanda. I remember.....

1) Her beautiful smile and how she would throw her head back and laugh when she was really tickled about something.

2) How she would hold Kaleb's face in her hands and make him look her dead in the eye while she scolded him.

3) How she wished everyone could just get along.

4) How she loved her niece and nephew.

5) How she snuck around and bought 15 candles for John, so that on our wedding night, he could create a romantic atmosphere in our honeymoon suite.

6) How she made me my first Mother's Day card from Elijah by putting his little footprints on paper (still have that).

7) How she sent me a card once when she knew I was feeling really homesick.

8) Her thoughtfulness of others.

9) Her gentle spirit.

10) Her love of my peach cobbler.

It's been a year, Shanda. We have not forgotten you. We never will. We miss you more than we can say and pray that one day we will understand God's plan.

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Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

I like to think she's partying with Jesus! And she's waiting on us...We have sent boo-coodles of balloons to her since the children have arrived. When it rains or thunders, I think of her often...I tell the kids that Tia Shanda is partying with Jesus again...they must be having fun...

I miss her children a bunch. I wish we were closer and able to see them and talk with them more.

Who knows why? Do we have to understand it? Or do we just pick up with what's left behind and carry on? We will not forget her, or at least I won't because she is part of who I am...and like the picture she sent "Sisters Forever"== we have/had the same blood running thru us and some of that blood is in those Shanda lives on thru them and in our hearts...does that make sense?

The reality of the game of life is ultimately death...we have one life. It is important for us to use it and do something. We can learn from her death to do something...b/c she certainly wasn't planning on today as it was your last.

Amy, please help me keep some journal of the thoughts and things you remember of Shanda so we can have something to give Kaleb and Ainsley when they get older...I especially want Ainsley to know WHO her mother was and WHAT her desires for her daughter was...and HOW we want to help her to be raised up to be the princess Shanda desired...and also, for Kaleb to be the shining knight, the gentleman, the god-fearing me write those things down, please...thanks.

I can only imagine what she might be doing in heaven. Someone from my adoption support group suggested once that she may be keeping nursery up there...if that's the way it's set up...I think she might!