Friday, November 9, 2007

My "Have Done" List (vs. "To Do")

Today I have:

(1) Rescued Grace from the front yard after she somehow opened the back yard gate and snuck out (thank God I heard it creak).

(2) Changed 6 poo-poo diapers.

(3) Wished to never again change another poo-poo diaper.

(4) Introduced Elijah to "the corner" after he climbed on top of my dresser, took down my pincushion (removed all pins) and hid my glasses under the bed pillows.

(5) Finally cured Elijah from getting on our neighbor's porch by telling him the man who lived there was going to come out and whip him with a belt (mean, I know, but it worked).

(7) Spent an hour at the park chasing Grace and Elijah from one end to the other.

(8) Made two hairbows.

(9) Washed, dried, and put away three loads of laundry.

(10) Mopped my kitchen floor three times after Elijah emptied out an entire bottle of maple syrup in the middle of it (it's still sticky).

(11) Rescued a screaming Grace from the potty seat Elijah strategically placed around her neck.

(12) Cooked supper, cleaned up the supper dishes and kitchen, gave the kids a bath.

(13) Made brownies for dessert (yum).

(14) Removed floaters from the bathtub with a ladle.

(15) Put the kids to bed.

(16) Sat down to my PC to link myself with the outside world.

(17) Hope and pray nothing else happens to write about.


Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

So, the question is...did all this in ONE day? What a busy day!

Mother said for me to check for some pics...she has seen all the ones posted thus far already. Post more often with more pics!!! Send one of Grace standing up; she looks as if she's grown alot....maybe one of Elijah and her standing next to each other...I need to download and send to


Natural Mama said...

Hilarious! I read somewhere where a SAH mom's salary (if pd) would be $92,000-130,000. You deserved it today!