Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Amy, the Reluctant Canner

Last week, my Dad called to tell me that the corn he had planted for us at his house was ready to harvest. I have to tell ya, I haven't done much gardening in my life. My parents grow beautiful, lush produce, but I usually don't come in contact with it until it's sitting on the table. It's OK--go ahead and laugh!

Let's just say, this is an area I need to grow in, and this summer is providing plenty of opportunity for learning. A girl's gotta start somewhere, right? So...I'm a bit proud of the 9 quarts of green beans, 300 ears of corn, and 4 quarts of cut-off corn stocked up in my freezer and pantry. OK, OK,...John canned the beans, and Mom bagged 90% of the corn. But I DID cut-off and bag most of the second batch of corn. AND shucked the 300 ears (with the help of Dad and a friend). AND snapped the beans.


(Above--my cutie-pie shucking, bean-snapping helpers)

I think my main obstacle in this area is that I am not able to let go of my other household duties. I think the laundry must be done, the house must be clean, and the kitchen spotless before I begin such a task. And with 4 kiddos (including a 5 month old), this is pretty much impossible. The produce would probably sit and spoil before all the above actually happens! Breathe in, breathe out. Where is Mr. Miyagi when you need him?

So, dear canning, gardening ladies (Laurie @ South GA Mama and Rebecca @ Renaissance), please keep posting about your abundant gardens and your industrious canning. I desperately need the motivation and inspiration your work provides! You're my Super Gardening Supreme Canning Mama Heros!


Ivy said...

I want to garden too! I even bought tomato, bell pepper, and cucumber plants but Steven and I could not agree on where to plant the garden so I returned them all back to Walmart! Lol! Maybe next year!

South GA Mama said...

LOL That's too funny! Our gardens have grown throughout the years, and we've learned ALOT living next to Nathan's precious Granny! We've had several that weeds took over completely! Keep trying! It's literally deliciously rewarding! I too suffer from thinking "everything must be done" syndrome! That works against me in every way! I have no advice for overcoming that. I think when we house an army & kill ourselves trying to keep everything up, that just can't be good on us! I have an elder neighbor that always reminds that one day they will be gone & I will see the unimportance of such things. Spending quality time with them is much more rewarding. My chores never stay done even when I accomplish them all~sad but true! I only know one super mom who does and she has the most terrible spirit & grumbly & fussy...I want to enjoy these times with my kiddos! They grow us too fast! Keep putting up your veggies! You will be thankful all year long!

Sondra! said...

I LOVE summer gardens. We wanted so bad to plant this year, but we still don't have land. Next year, Lord willing, we will be self sustainers.......yeah. I'm coming for supper soon.