Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving. I would love it if the world skipped Halloween and put all of its energy into Thanksgiving. Because it is hastily squeezed in between Halloween and Christmas, I try to milk all I can out of it. This week I've been pondering, and encouraging my children to ponder about all that we have been given, and the One who has given it all to us. We've voiced our thankfulness for both the tangible and intangible--Legos,Cowboy boots,  Polly Pockets, purses and shoes (per Emma), pillows and beds, washers and driers, family and friends--and even potato chips and Blue Bell (by a certain daughter of mine who loves to eat). But as I sit down and deeply consider, I'm most thankful to be a child of God. Looking around at the turmoil of this world, of this city I live in, and even in the lives of the family next door, I'm so thankful for the still, sweet peace found in living under the shelter of His wings. He's my storm shelter in the tornado of life. If not for Him, where would I be today? What kind of life would I have lived for the last 30 years? What kind of parents would have raised me, if He had not saved mine before my birth. What kind of man would I have married if He had not saved my husband before our marriage?

So even though I don't want to take for granted all the blessings in my life (my van is running good, the heater works, my husband has a good job), I know it's all because of Him. For Him, I'm the most grateful. To Him, I give the praise.

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna put away some turkey-lurkey and all the trimmings tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Ivy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I kind of feel like Thanksgiving in my mind has been forgotten among all the preparations for our new baby. Shame on me! Seriously, I hadn't even mentioned Thanksgiving to Trinity until this morning. I feel awful about this! Thanks for this reminder! I, too, am most thankful to be a child of God. I don't even want to know where I'd be without Him.

Ashlee said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! The holidays mean so much more to me this year than ever before!! Being a child of God is always top on the list!!