Friday, January 21, 2011

Elijah's Big Milestone

First he turned six, and now he springs this on me.

"Mom, I've got a loose tooth."

I wiggled it. Sure 'nough. "Wiggle it around and it'll come out in a couple of days", I said.

10 minutes later: "Look, Mom! My tooth came out!"

Indeed it did. That was fast. Slow down buck-a-roo. Stop growing for just a few minutes.

We had several phone calls to make:

Daddy, (who got a little choked up because his little boy is getting big faster than he would like)and then grandparents who talked up the tooth fairy til the boy thinks he's gonna be able to go buy out Toys 'R' Us tomorrow. Maybe they'd like to contribute to the tooth fairy fund? :)

Speaking of which, "fairy" sounds a little girly for such a manly little man. How about tooth frog?



Ivy said...

Ha! I don't even wanna think about Trinity turning 6! Let alone losing teeth!

Ashlee said...

Oh, girl. It's already been decided in our house that when a child has a loose tooth they either let daddy pull it or it's to the dentist chair. I can't take it.