Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Unexpected Gift

The greatest gift ever given to me is my family. My DH and our three beautiful babies. The raising of our children and making of our home is the "highest calling" of my life. But sometimes in the midst of the training, the housekeeping, the day-after-day sameness, the little nagging voice of doubt starts in. FAILURE. That word sneaks in more often than I'd like to admit. Fail, fail, fail. And some days, my craving for a little encouragement is overwhelming. It wouldn't take much...just a little bit would make such a difference.

This week was the week of the dreaded numbers game on Facebook. I watched, annoyed, for a little while, and finally joined in and sent out my number to a few people who asked. One girl, who I attended church with when DH & I were newlywed, and is now a mother of two herself, posted this comment:

" have such a beautiful family!! Always thought that you would make a good friend : ). Love it that you're talented and self-sacrificing! You're very beautiful woman and I'm sure the Lord has more great things in store for you and your wonderful family : )"

Wow. I sat there and was stunned to find tears flowing down my cheeks. This girl & I probably haven't even had a complete conversation in over 4 years. We run in different circles and just haven't the opportunity for more than a friendly "How are you?" when we do run into one another. I never expected that she saw me in that light. I never expected to receive encouragement from her.

But God knows that the most precious moments in our lives are the unexpected,and every now and then He sends us an unanticipated gift. Isn't he the best gift-giver?

Let's pay it forward. Give the gift of encouragement to someone this weekend. A simple text, a card, or a hug and a compliment is all it takes. A little goes a long way.


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Natural Mama said...

Amy, this week has been hard to me as well (sounded like it has been for you too). I've wanted to just give up several times. :)
Don't know what the numbers game is, but I'm so glad you got some encouragement. You deserve it. Loveya!!