Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I'm Lovin' Friday

FYI: I posted this on Thursday by mistake! Come back and read it tomorrow ;).

This could be one of my favorite 'Friday' themes. I enjoyed Feminine Friday with Natural Mama for awhile (ahem), and always love to visit Renaissance for Foto Friday (at which I drool and dream I could take pictures like her). Now, my bloggy friend Ashlee has started "What I'm Lovin' Friday" and today is my first time to participate.

Here's what I'm Lovin'!:

~~FALL, FALL, FALL! The weather, the decor, the food {ya know, chilli, pumpkin bread},the fashion, and the fact that Thanksgiving is just right around the corner! Personally, I could really care less about Halloween. I wish we could just skip it all together and celebrate Thanksgiving for an extra month.

Here's a peek at my fall foyer tablescape. A work in progress. Proof that I am not related to Martha Stewart.

~~This kids' kitchen:

I'm in love. And if you visit, you'll be amazed at what this woman can build, and even more amazing, you can build it too! Unless you're like me, and running a little short on time :).

~~These beanie hats:

Note this is not my child {mine's cuter}, but a great representation of the hat. I'm stalking several on ebay and will order one as soon as the new budget period rolls around! I'll be sure to share pics :).

~~I'm lovin' that Emma is potty-trained! Except for pull-ups at night, we are diaper-free. And, she is the only child of mine ever to wake up and ask to go potty at night. Wow!

OK, I was starting to feel a little materialistic, but that last one saved me :).

So what are you loving today?


No Ordinary Me said...

Love it. Those hats are cute. I think your table is great!

Ashlee said...

Yay for having a Friday post!! Thank you, thank you!!
I haven't done mine yet but hopefully in the morning I'll find time to do it! :)

I'm loving that kitchen for the kids. Oh, my. Kari must have. LOL. Time to call Memaw!

Ivy said...

I love that fall is here but I'm not loving that colder weather is almost here. I had to bundle Trinity up the other day and I wasn't loving that!