Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow In Louisiana

The weatherman has been trying to tell us it was coming, but could we dare hope? We tried not to get our hopes up, to downplay the possibility, just in case. But this morning, it started coming down! Big, fat flakes, cascading down, transforming the drab scenery into something fresh and exciting! Yeah! Snow in Louisiana does not come very often, just about ever 3 years or so. We're so excited!

The word is we can expect 2-4 inches this weekend. If it keeps up, we should have quite a thick carpet of fluff to play in tomorrow. Get ready for lots of snow pics! Here are a few from this morning:

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Elijahnator the Imaginator--can weave a tall tale faster than you can wink at a cowgirl! His most common conversation starter: "When I was my Daddy's age..."...and then some tale about building a ship or a bicycle or...who knows! :)

My expressive, emotional child. Woe to me when PMS kicks in! :)

You would not believe this girl's vocabulary! It's growing every day! She's quite the questioner: "Where's Wijah? Where's Dacie? Where's Daddy? Where's Beamie?" All. day. long. And then, "Wass dis?" at about anything that can be pointed at. Yep. She's going to keep us supplied with interesting conversation around here! :)

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true blessings said...

Hi! Nice to "see" you again! Yes we moved into our house in late August. I will add you to my favorites!