Sunday, February 17, 2008

Read At Your Own Risk sit down and blog (to vent, to pour forth one's soul in the form of the written word, to inform, to share, to inspire). Just in case you are wondering, I did not consult Webster's dictionary for that definition. About this my own doing, there are more people viewing my random ramblings than there used to be. I have mixed feelings about this. I feel this may limit the scope of topics and issues that I may voice my opinion about, may reduce the amount of ravings and rantings that I expose cyberspace to. Should I just go ahead and blog about things as I always have, or should I be more guarded about the degree of openness I employ? (ok, I'm starting to sound like my English Lit majoring brother).I pray for the utmost wisdom as I proceed, but I feel I must warn you: read at your own risk :).

I apologize for the lack of structure in my writings. I always got a low grade on my English papers when it came to that element. So deal with it :). Just pay close attention and my subject-hopping will make sense.

First of all, I feel that a good "brag time" about my children is way overdue. Here goes:
  • He has the cutest, flirtiest, most michevious grin this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. It melts my heart like butter (and anyone else he flashes it to).
  • He combines that smile with a husky, "Gimmee hug" and "Gimmee sugars" and I am a sure goner!
  • He is a musician in the making--sleeping with his drumsticks and playing the guitar constantly.
  • He is making major progress with pottying.
  • He loves his little sister passionately, and displays his love with many hugs and kisses, although his affections are often not readily accepted or returned.
  • He minds really well and seeks to please (although he does have his moments like any other child).


  • Where Elijah is shy, she never meets a stranger. She loves attention and will "show out" if she thinks you will give her the opportunity :).
  • She loves to sing and dance.
  • She is very smart, very good at communicating her feelings.
  • She is a little stingy with her loving, but when she does give it, she gives it with gusto!
  • She is the cutest thing ever with her hair in pigtails and her blue jean skirt on.


Since I have already been so lengthy, I think I will save the rest of the stuff on my mind for a later date. It's good to be back!


Natural Mama said...

Hey Aim,
Girl, you know I can take anything you dish out even if it involves me (lol..thinking bout posting an I hate my SIL post?? J/K wink, wink). But really, if you just don't feel 'right' sharing some things with the whole world, get another blog that you will use for diary purposes only. I know there has been a few things I wanted to yell and scream about, but I was afraid of who might be offended. A blog that noone knows about would be good for that. Just give Me the address. I won't tell. Honest. LOL J/k

Hope you had a good trip!!

Autumn said...

Hey Girl! I miss you come and see my new little one as soon as you can. I hope you or feeling well with your pregnancy. Why would you hold back on your blogging? That is the point of blogging let it all out!! Oh by the way the perfect word to describe Elijah's smile is definatly mischievious.