Saturday, June 16, 2007


Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you get really excited over something that is not really all that great but it just made you feel like a kid again? Kinda like when you get a really good grade on a college level English paper or you lose 2.5 lbs? Well, I got that feeling today! A new friend of mine showed me how to make hairbows, which I was already doing, but I just wasn't satisfied with the results. Well, I got down to business making some this week and I have had SO much fun! This morning, I put one on Grace, put her and Elijah in the stroller and we walked a few houses down to a garage sale.

Actually, there is a really ,maybe funny but maybe not story about that, too. I bought Elijah one of those backpack leash things for when I have both of them out walking and I don't want him running off (which he tends to like to do). So, this morning, we head out the door, Grace in the stroller and Elijah attached to me by a leash on my wrist (doesn't that sound terrible)? Our house is up on an incline, so our driveway is downhill. Thus, when I walked out the door, I let go of Grace's stroller for a moment (I don't remember why). The next thing I know, Grace is plummeting down the steep driveway to the street. So I go RUNNING after her--dragging a screaming Elijah after me! I finally had the presence of mind to get the leash off of my wrist and got to Grace before she either flew out in front of a car or hit the curb and tipped over! Gasp! How heaven must've been holding their breaths--waiting to see if we were okay before they laughed! Poor Elijah has a little bit of concrete burn on his arm, but nothing a little Neosporin won't cure.

So anyways, back to my hairbow story. We go to the garage sale, which was great. I wish I could've went on Friday. She had lots of stuff she had already sold. This lady had tons of kids stuff! I got the kids some really nice like new Leapfrog toys (which Elijah is a little young for but it won't be long), a dollhouse that opens up and has a doorbell that rings, some bathtub toys and a toothbrush holder for mine and John's bathroom. Elijah LOVES the dollhouse. He puts his little Noah man in there from his Noah's ark toy and plays away. So, the lady notices Grace's hairbow and has a fit over it! Where did you get that? She asks. I told her I made it and she asked for my ph # ! She said I could put a flier up at the Community Center and get alot of business! YEEAAH! I am doing something good! Also, we went to Wally World this evening and Grace wore the hairbow again and we got SO many looks and smiles. That girl charms everyone! It's one of the bigger ones that I used to not like but the more I put it on her the better I like it. John isn't too fond of it, but oh well. So I am going to get busy making some more hairbows. First, I am going to make some for my nieces, Erin and Tatiana. A lady at church is having a baby shower (it's a girl) so I think I may make one or two for her, as well. I am SO excited! I have found my hobby at last!

Well, sorry for the writing a book! Sometimes you just feel like writing, you know? Hope all is well with all.


Natural Mama said...

Your mom shared with me the story but I loved hearing the details from you! Glad everything turned out okay and it seems you may be on the road to a hairbow business! I ordered a cloth diaper making pattern, so if I get any good with that, we'll exchange hairbows for diapers! LOL Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just put up some bathroom renovation pics you might be interested in seeing. Glad you are enjoying your home!!! Put up some pictures, I wanna see!! :) Love ya!

Autumn said...

Hey I am definatly wanting some small bows for Kahlan and who knows maybe baby number three will be a girl to. I am glad you have found something you like so much. I already miss you.