Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Family Life

YEAH! It worked! I haven't been able to post a blog in sometime because there was some kind of defunct thing going on w/ my blog. The title would show up, but that was it. Sooo....to make up for lost time! My kids are growing, growing, growing! And I am tired, tired, tired! Elijah is talking up a storm. His personality and sense of humor is really coming out. The other night, I was talking w/ him and Grace in the bathtub. I was explaining, "Girls have a vagina, boys have a penus." So we were playing the "fill in the blank" game:

Me: "Boys have a ____"
Elijah: Penuh
Me: "Girls have a ____"
Elijah: JOHN DEERE (grin).

Now, pray tell, where did THAT come from? He knew he was being cute. It totally caught me off guard!

Grace is doing so much! Pulling up and "floating" around the coffee table, clapping her hands and GET THIS---talking on the phone! She is 9 months old and she puts her hand (or the cell) up to her ear and jabbers and giggles away! I think she is talking to Gran-Gran!

What I need to hear from you guys today is any advice on how to break a kid from picking his nose and (ick) sticking his finger in his mouth. There seems to be no hope at this point! Any suggestions are welcome! Please leave a comment.

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Autumn said...

The John Deer thing is hilarious. I love it. I feel like I am missing so much now just wait till you or all the way in texas. We or struggling with connor on the nose thing so let me know if you get some good suggestions.