Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What An Adventure!

Well, the past two weeks in the Acklen family have been filled with much excitement. Some good, some bad. With John losing his job last week, we are learning all about the joys of applying for food stamps, WIC, and unemployment. Along with all of this, our two year old, Elijah, has acquired a rare viral condition--it doesn't even have a name--where he is covered with spots and runs a high fever sporadically. He has also succeded in flushing a whole diaper down our toilet, thus resulting in a very complicated plumbing job that landed our toilet in the bathtub (dookie water and all). So, I have also learned about the joys of scrubbing dookie water out of my floor and bathtub! I know some of you are rolling at the mental picture right now, and I am sure I will...sometime in the distant future. So far, the only obstacle Grace has produced is the fact that she is now crawling and learning to pull up. She stands up, realizes what she has done, and comences to shrieking to the top of her lungs. What a drama queen! The children do bring lots of joy and laughter into our lives. Please pray for John as he is furiously seeking a new job. If you see a man down at Wal-Mart, holding up a sign that says "Will preach for food", it's probably John! Visit our blog often, and we will keep you updated!


Autumn said...

cute pic of grace!! It definatly sounds like your having a bad domino effect over there, but the good thing is it can only last till the last domino falls, and I have prayed and really think that that time has come for you. We love you guys!

Carol said...

So good to hear from you. I am sorry about the bumps that you are incountering right now, but as you say, sometime in the distant future you will laugh about it all.
Grace is so cute! That is too a good picture, but I am prejudice of course. Hug the babies for me and tell John Hi, a good job is surely headed his way. Love, Aunt Carol

Tammy said...

We just went through almost a year long unemployment run. My husband was layed off from his job in April of 09. We cut back on everything we could and learned a lot from our mistakes. We stayed faithful to God in prayer,church and giving and he rewarded us. One week from his 1 year anniversary of being laid off he got a new job,better than the other and finally secure. God is good to his people. He will bless your family.

God Bless